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We at Ama's Catering Experience pride ourselves on providing our customers with an authentic taste of African & Caribbean cuisine.


Meet The Chef

My name is Ama Hammah, owner and head chef at Ama's Catering Experience (A.C.E.) My relationship with food and my affinity for cooking developed many years ago, this organically turned into a desire to share the meals I prepare. Over the last five years, I have been dedicated to reimagining African and Carribean cuisine, making sure that every experience positively stimulates the five senses of each diner.  I am currently, traveling the world, expanding my own palette and adding new ingredients, techniques and culture to my menu. I take pride in knowing that each of my clients will leave an experience with me completely full; heart, tummy and spirit.

I'm always eager to hear what Ama is creating,

so that I can have my fork ready. Amazing chef!

Maryam Foye | Washington, DC

Founder, The Den| Reading Room & Artist Exchange

At Your Service

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